Visa Lawyers and Attorneys in Miami, FL

Visa Lawyers and Attorneys in Miami, Florida


Visas are one of the most common paths used to enter the United States. However, the process of applying and successfully obtaining approval of visa law is anything but simple. Do not entrust your future to someone who does not have the experience in this complex area of the law as it is all too easy to make a mistake (or omit important supporting documents) which could affect the outcome of your application and ultimately your status.

Whether it is a work-related, family-based or an investor visa, the Law Office of Luis Mariano Garcia, P.A. will help ensure your application is professionally prepared, assembled, and submitted, thus increasing your chances for success.

There are generally two types of visas which allow foreigners to come to the United States. Some visas are permanent, others are temporary.

Which Visa is Right for You?

Visas can be categorized as immigrant and non-immigrant. Most visas fall into the non-immigrant category, but there are several types including:

Visitor Visas

This visa allows you to visit the United States for a short period of time, and are temporary.

B-1 For Business Travelers

B-2 For Tourists

*Please note, visitors traveling from countries which participate in the Visa Waiver Program do not need a visa to travel to the U.S.

Temporary Work Visas

H, E, L, P are all temporary worker visas. The type of visas you apply for depends on your occupation and the reason for your visit.

Student Visas

A student visa is necessary when a foreigner enrolls in a course with a duration of more than 18 hours a week

F Visas are academic students

M Visas are for vocational students

Employment- Based Visas

Every year, the United States Department of Immigration grants a limited number of employment-based visas (EB). There are several non-immigrant work visas which allows foreigners to come to the United States to work on a temporary basis. Some of these visas are:

L Visas (Intracompany Transfers) allow foreign companies with multinational interests to transfer employees to the U.S.

H Visas are used by companies based in the United States to hire foreign nationals or students for positions that require special skills, knowledge, or executive experience.

E Visas are for foreign nationals who are active in trading with the U.S. or who actively invest in a U.S. company that creates jobs.

Family- Based Visas

US Citizens and legal permanent residents may sponsor family members to come to the United States.

K- Visas for fiancés and spouses

Which Visa is Right for You and Your Loved Ones?


At Luis Mariano Garcia, P.A., we will help you determine which visa is the most suitable to your needs. Please contact us for an evaluation.